The Needle and the Larynx
, 2016 | 24th April 2020 - 8th May 2020

Truly original body / medicinal horror engaging gracefully with the performance of being human. Marianna's engagement with how our material contexts make and alter us tests the limits of the bodies we are stuck in. Nobody can work into a frame both pure beauty and the horror of reality like her. The narrative grips and lulls us into a false sense of security, and she's a master of this kind of tricksy seduction as the film reaches its apex.
— Rachael Allen
    8 May 2020

SOOOOOO mesmerizing Alice-Mermaid-new feminist- poetic-soooo perfectly professionally done video-powerful not only but just GREAT & STUNNING!!!! BEST ART SINCE LONG!!!
— Cristina Bechtler
    7 May 2020

a deep, precise analysis of such a "violent” intervention
— Emanuela Mazzonis
    5 May 2020

I love your work - and thank you for putting your films online! I first saw your work in Frankfurt in 2018. I was traveling alone after a residency. I was lonely. It was raining. I sat on the floor and watched your piece two times through. Thank you for making your work more accessible!
— Taylor Yocom
    5 May 2020

Enthralled. All quiet and prim, the voice — the voices, horror that is not horror but something more visceral.
— Otilia
    5 May 2020

We hear so many different versions of Marianna's voice in this amazing video, and they're all startling, but perhaps most of all the one from immediately after the procedure, when shes audibly wounded, and then we realise that the video has fallen far enough behind the audio that we're just about to witness the wounding. Oh no! Precision-engineered like a horror film, another masterstroke from video art's greatest scream queen / dream queen.
— Ned Beauman
    30 April 2020

I looked on with morbid fascination at this film but slowness of the needle was somehow reassuring. I loved the film, the artistry and the science. I didn’t know that about botox. Well done!
— Frederick
    28 April 2020

thank you so much for this offering! It has eased the loneliness of lockdown
— Helen Starr
    28 April 2020

It is excruciating to watch, but Simnett’s narration - part folktale, part scientific history, part diary - transforms the proceedings into a modern-day myth about the body’s plasticity and limitations.

— The New Yorker

Her pained wooziness here is weirdly contagious-the work produces a kind of osmotic unease, a dark little shard of panic that shows away with empathy and then worms its anxious way into even the most (supposedly) distanced of viewers.

— Jeffrey Kastner, ArtForum

Surpassing a reiteration of the critique of traditional gender oppositions, Simnett’s artistic practice undermines the binary taxonomy of male-female using original, radical methodologies.
— Melvin Harper, Millennium Film Journal

So hypnotic, this British artist’s work palpates sinister tissues inside the body that few others can touch. [...] Brooding on girlhood and its traumas, she operates with the creepy elegance of Narnia’s White Witch.

— Charlie Fox, Frieze