The Bird Game
, 2016 | 10th April 2020 - 24th April 2020

Adam Lehrer     10 April 2020

I love when the bird is screaming "flesh flesh flesh"

Christoph Trestler     10 April 2020

Phantastic in every sense of the word!

Julie Grosche     10 April 2020


Lindsey Mendick     11 April 2020

Please make sure you watch Marianna Simnett's The Bird Game; written by herself and Charlie Fox. It's a truly arresting, beautiful and haunting film; visually rich in seductively gory imagery whilst still managing to gracefully convey the horror of childhood and adolescence. I'm such a big fan of both of these artists/writers/everythingers and it really made me inspired in a time when I'm feeling a bit flat. Congratulations!

Felix Kalmenson     11 April 2020

My stepfather died a few months ago and he had a pet African grey parrot who he was constantly try to train to speak. It would only speak a few phrases once in a while but was never really the talking parrot we expected. When he died one of his friends took the parrot in, because my mother didnt want to keep it. Last week the parrot began to speak in his voice saying things like, "why is this happening to me" "i can't beleive this is real" and such phrases. What's more depressing is that he never actually spoke like this to anyone because he was a typical 'Russian Man' and would never expose vulnerability. So it turns out in the absence of a human witness to his suffering he took the bird as his confessor. And the confessor has become the recorder and speaker of the dead.

Rhys     11 April 2020

Wow. From the script to the acting to the production, it was 'wow' all round.

Kelly Sweeney     11 April 2020

a grotesquely wonderful watch

Sarah Durcan     12 April 2020

V well done

Bobby Davidson     12 April 2020

Cinematic genius!

Colin Self     12 April 2020

a mythic cerebral treasure that feels as though it is from the lost pages of a fifth century fairy tale, caught fractured in the multiverse into the minds of Marianna and Charlie

Dr Chelsea Nichols     16 April 2020

Marianna Simnett is one of my favourite artists at the moment -- her work makes me want to crawl out of my fucking skin, and I mean that in a good way. The Bird Game is no exception: a deranged fairy tale in which a deviant crow plays dark, twisted games with children. I'm warning you right now that this is not for those of you who are easily disturbed. But for those beautifully deranged souls who feel like taking a trip to some really dark places, it will be the best 20 minutes of your day. ⁣Thank you so much to Marianna Simnett (and her co-writer Charlie Fox)⁣ for generously making the work available, bringing such dark joy to all the little weirdos out there stuck in isolation.⁣

Harry Woodlock     16 April 2020
Negating the adage, 'never work with children or animals…', ambitious and daring, bravo Marianna! Thank you for making your work available to all.

Tyla Lauren     17 April 2020

Seduction, abuse & a whole lot of magic. Possibly one of the most terrifying films I've ever seen while at the same time feeling totally enchanted by the evil. About to watch for the 3rd time, don't want to miss a trick. Just incredible! A huge congratulations to everyone involved (especially the crow ;) )

Scott B     18 April 2020

What an amazing film. Each time I watch it, there is something new and I’ve gained a whole new respect for crows. How clever they are. Brilliantly choreographed, the story plays out a macabre but fascinating journey. The film bravely examines aspects of control and perversity we might prefer to ignore, but do so at the peril of the innocent. Exceptional.

Dr Sam Solnick, University of Liverpool     19 April 2020

A scary and strange tween phantasmagoria; the myth of Philomela hung from Operation Yew Tree with a rope woven from liquorice laces. This is wonderful.

Tim Sidell     20 April 2020

What a tale of desire and wish fulfilment, but with everything turned on it’s head! So Disney and yet so dark. I was immediately struck by your economy of language and clarity of purpose - reminiscent of Innocence (Lucile Hadzihalilovic). Each department’s work seemed to serve your purpose perfectly: costume, design, location and above all the cinematography which is exquisite - no surprise Robbie was involved. Congratulations. Stunning.

Andrew Lang     22 April 2020

Loved it. Very eerie. Wonderful voice. Reminded me of Ted Hughes by way of Max Porter, which isn't to say it wasn't its own person.

Nigel R Glasgow     23 April 2020


Edward     23 April 2020

So beautiful! Hurt people hurt people. Thank you for sharing this twisting, effecting tale Marianna, Charlie and all! x

Remko Looze     23 April 2020

Last year, I visited the opening and was struck by your art. I came back to the Frans Hals Museum about 7 times. Especially for your video installations. Thank you for the opportunity to watch this video at home in total tranquility. Keep up the great Artwork!

Adrian Waller     23 April 2020

It's wonderful to watch your film making develop and mature. I was captivated by this dark, brooding, Grimms-esque tale. Congratulations.

Kim L Pace     23 April 2020

Beautiful production of this fabulous dark tale. Love that amazing talking crow...

Sheenagh Geoghegan     23 April 2020

deep, dark, fucked up, airborne, loved it x