It’s Urgent! at Luma Arles
Unprecedented Times at Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria
Participation Mystique at Shanghai Ming Contemporary Museum
Home Cooking


Beyond the Pain at Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen
British Art Show 9
FIGURE/S: drawing after Bellmer at The Drawing Room, London
The Dreamers 58th October Salon | Belgrade Biennale 2020


Slade School of Art, 13th May 2020
Collezione Taurisano - Sveva D'Antonio in conversation with Marianna Simnett, 24 April 2020
Jarman Award 2017

Francesca Gavin talks to multi-disciplinary London artist Marianna Simnett about her varied practice & musical influences.

A conversation on love w/ Ed Fornieles
Ed Fornieles and Marianna Simnett have an open conversation on love. Love is a hazy word, often defined by a silence, a trust in some unspecified sense or impulse rather than a clear shared idea. Through the ideas of bell hooks, Audre Lorde and Eric Fromm discuss love, exploring the idea of it as a lived ethic with the possibility for radical change, both on a personal and political level.

BBC Radio 4 | Raw Meat
Susan Bright gets bloody and fleshy with sculptors, performance artists and filmmakers who are making works of art with animal parts.

CC Audio 1:2 | Faint with Light
Marianna Simnett presents her work Faint with Light. How she first used fainting in her art, about the monstrous sound that took her completely by surprise, and her examination of fainting as a phenomenon: a personal association to her grandfather, who, during the Holocaust, avoided death by fainting at just the right moment, and traditional culture-historical views of fainting as a sign of the notorious female complaint of hysteria.

CC Audio 2:2 | The Needle and the Larynx
Marianna Simnett presents her work The Needle and the Larynx, an extraordinary tale about a girl, played by Simnett herself, wanting her voice deepened. A voice surgeon injects Botox into the girl’s larynx, paralysing the muscles controlling the pitch and causing her voice to be deepened for several months. Listen to her sharing her thoughts on exposing her own body to a radical procedure, on the voice as an identity-building force capable of being mutated, and on her fondness of dark fabled universes.